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Clomid trigger shot

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    Clomid trigger shot

    So I'm just looking for success stories from others that did the combo and either have had the baby or have had a healthy 12 weeks so far to help put my mind at ease. So far (I know I shouldn't) I have yet to find positive success stories with people getting their THB. Xx The hcg trigger shot was given to me on the NHS. I was supposed to have two but when I went for my scan, my follicles where at the right size (not sure what size) but it resulted in just one. I have endo (I have symptoms and it showed on scan) and I was more concerned with getting that treated. I don't have any children, so that might be why I was given it. The timing must have worked because I'm not pregnant but my concern is whether it might lead me to miscarry. buy phenergan in uk Hi ladies, I have done a cycle of clomid, had my ultrasound today and have 1 big follicle 20mm and 2 smaller ones 13mm. They have given me a trigger shot today and have advised that I have a risk of conceiving triplets. Then the specialist advised that if in the chance I did conceive triplets, they would recommend reducing this to a twin pregnancy for mine and babies health. Sheesh, I hope that doesn't happen cos I don't think I would be able to terminate one baby, how would you even choose which one? anyway, my question to you, is what would you do in the situation where it is possible (although probably unlikely) that you would conceive triplets? would you give it a miss this cycle or would you take the risk? This is something my dh and I need to discuss later.

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    There is a trigger shot on here. He also used clomid also used iui tomorrow. Hey, fsh shot, with this online drugstore leave behind the first cycle per dr said that induces ovulation and the trigger on progesterine suppositories. does valtrex work on cold sores I am currently on my 2nd month of Clomid and last month had a 20.4mm follicle and so was given the HCG injection. Unfortunately, it wasn't to. Also, what is the success rate of pregnany with clomid & ovidrel with donor sperm. as apposed to random trigger which could be extremely dangerous. and start clomed/firtomed on day 3 the ovidrel injection I always get.

    Could someone please tell me if it is a necessary thing to get a Hcg shot when on Clomid? I would like to keep it as simple as possiable without adding to the chemicals . All though I truly trust my Gyn I would like to only use the clomid without any other added. So again the question is as follows: Will your follicles(not sure of the spelling, sorry) pop off on thier own with the use of clomid or is it necassary to receive a Hcg Trigger shot? Nope, most of the time wen you are just starting out on your infertility path, you are just taking Clomid for your 5 recommended days, no trigger shot necessary. The trigger comes in later if in your evaluations the Clomid is just producing healthier follicles yet you aren't releasing them. So that means that the clomid will cause the follicles to pop off on thier own or should anyway? I just dont want to have to ad anymore chemicles then needed.. I keep hearing about these women on here having these shots done and ending up with four or more kids at once.. Took hcg shot on CD16had oral susten for 10 days starting on CD18.terrible cramping, sensitive breasts from sides, n pricky too bt no periods cycle is 35 days on average. But i have heard periods start after 14 days of hcg shot.

    Clomid trigger shot

    Clomid + trigger shot today, risk of triplets. HELP. — The Bump, Anyone else new to Clomid and HCG injections? - Netmums Chat

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  5. Why Is the hCG Trigger Shot Used as a Fertility Treatment? The hormone hCG helps in the follicle maturation process and triggers the release of mature eggs from the follicles. Generally, you will be given a medication to induce ovulation prior to taking the trigger shot.

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    Looking for others who took clomid & hcg. I'm currently 4dpo & could really do with some sucess stories or anyone in a similar boat to me, to help me. cheap kamagra online It was my 2nd round of clomid and the first time that is had the HCG shot. Last year I suffered an early MC miscarriage so I'm just looking for success stories. I was on the dean's honour list and graduated with summa cum laude high dose clomid pct clomid plus hcg trigger shot clomid tablets for sale south africa.

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